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Polaris Pro Armor lighting

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I see Polaris is getting away from Ridged light bars and going with a brand called Pro Armor. any feed back or real info on these?

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As far as I know Pro Armor is just A Polaris re-brand, not a manufacturer. I’d look to see if you can find out who the actual manufacturer is before dumping big money on those lights.
I agree, I just seen that and was curious to why they changed. There cheaper then the Ridged ones they were selling, but maybe that's why they changed because folks weren't paying high dollar for the components they were selling....

IMO, there are way to many other brands out there that work great without issue and without the $$$ that Ridged commands.
Mine does just does fine and I am really happy it, besides the point it drains my battery faster because i have this little red light that stays on even with the ATV off lol
1 - 2 of 10 Posts