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I have a few questions, but first I will provide context.

I bought my 2014 Sportsman XP 850 H.O. EPS LE new. I had two seasons with no issues on it before I took a job across country. I didn't take the ATV with me when I moved. I left it with my father who occasionally drove it. Fast forward to this week when it arrived to my new house. My father mentioned that the front right tire wouldn't keep air more than a day before it was shipped. When it arrived sure enough the tire was flat. I put it up on jacks and removed the tire to discover that there was some cracking on the side facing the ATV. I was considering just throwing some Tireject into it and calling it a day, but have reconsidered. I am looking to get a suitable replacement tire quickly so I can start enjoying my machine again after four years.

Is the Carlisle ACT 560441 the same tire as the stock? As I cant find the one's that are Polaris branded.

Will replacing one tire and not the others cause any issues, or can I just replace the bad tire. I vaguely remember something being mentioned when I had my first flat a few years ago about having to replace all the tires together, but that was almost six years ago.

Eventually I would like to replace all the tires for ones more appropriate for North Central Washington so any suggestions for tires that do well in that terrain would be appreciated.
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