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Polaris ranger 150 performance

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Hello all,

I would like to discuss performance upgrades for a Polaris ranger 150 EFI 2021 model. I bought the new Ranger for my kids and noticed that the ground clearance was not as advertised. I love all the new features and think it’s perfect for my kids. I recently purchased a new set of rear tires that are 14 inch rims with 26 inch tires. I have a lift kit ordered that I plan on only using the on the front end to kind of level the UTV a bit And leave stock 22 in factory tires on the front.(2 in) This has significantly increased the ground clearance in the rear by about 2 inches. (Was around 6.5 now 8.5)

I took it out with the kids on about a 30 mile ride and had no issues with him hitting anything. I did however notice that the larger tires had trouble in sand and would like now to increase the performance of the machine. After doing some searching I found a few performance clutch parts that I plan on installing. Namely a performance torque driver and clutch. I’m also getting some smaller rollers.

now I’ve been looking at big bore kit’s and crankshaft and wondering if anybody has any experience.

I can tell through research that this UTV has the GY6 motor with serial number jl1p57f. It is an a model that I verified by measuring the bolts on the cylinder head.

with the a model GY6 the largest I can safely go is the 63 inch big bore kit. Then I will have to bore out the case. I can also get a +3.5 mm stroker crank shaft that will put me at a 191 cc engine.

has anyone done any of these mods on the Polaris ranger 150? I’m specifically wondering if the electronica fuel injection is enough fuel for this size and if boring the case makes it too weak.

my kids are too small for the 570 and I really want to make this machine work until they’re old enough.

thanks for any of the comments.
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I await the simple cliff note version. I too have bought a ranger 150 for my kids and am not happy with the power to ground performance. Spent enough on it new. Hate to spend much more on this thing.
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