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i have a 2007 sportsman 500 EFI with 8000 miles on it; that died on me.
here what i did so far. i found out the pdm (power delery module) whet up in smoke, so i replace it and got it running aging.
then i took it out on a trial and made it about 30 miles before it would randomly die whilhly driving. it did this for another 2 miles before it wouldn't start back up. i have determent that the fuel pump was not running. it did start on starter fluid then died off.
2 months later i took the covers apart and found it had no spark then i looked at the fuel pump which still was not working, so i probed the power leads going into the pump and with the key on it reads 9 volts and with the pump plug in it reads 0 volts, i replaced the pump with a new one and still nothing. i also found out that the stater overheated and is now a short to ground im amusing this is casing the no spark problem. i have not yet received the new stater. what are your thoughts on what issue could be for the spark and low volt on the fuel pump.
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