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Happy New Year to all on Polarisatvforums, We hope everyone has had a great holiday.

Just wanted to shoot a post out to you that Race-Driven has just completed the production of Sprockets for Polaris Sportsman 500 6x6 ATV's. I know this is a specialty model but is very common in Alaska, Canada and with Ranchers and we are the only company out there selling these outside of Polaris.

We offer these in individual sprockets or in kits with chains on our website the kits with the chains are in 4 different qualities We offer a economy non o ring, a o ring, CZ MX Gold Series, and CZ X Ring Chains.

So if any of you guys/girls are in need of repairing your Sportsman 500 6x6 with some new gears / chains please look us up.

Pricing is as follows

CZ X Ring Chain & Sprocket kits $299.95

CZ MX Gold Series Chain & Sprocket kits $239.95

O Ring Chain & Sprocket kits $209.95

Non O ring Chain & Sprocket kits $179.95
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