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Polaris sportsman 570 2019

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Can anyone give me an idea how many miles these atv’s can handle before the engine is bad won’t run anymore thanks
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With care and adequate routine maintenance the engine should be good for 100,000 miles. Other things not so much - belts are the shortest lived followed by clutches, CV joints, U-joints, gear boxes electrical items and the rest.

However, over revving, long periods of idling, running too hard before the engine is warmed sufficiently, use of low quality oil, infrequent oil changes, use of low quality fuel, infrequent air filter service, operation in extremely dusty environments, plowing snow, pulling trailers and performance modifications will drastically reduce engine longevity.

I have rebuilt more engines with less than 10,000 miles than I have engines with 100,000 miles not because the engine is not capable of 100K, but because the engine with less than 10K was used for mudding, raced, modified for more power, used almost exclusively for plowing snow (low speed, short distance and backing up the same distance as moving forward - most odometers run backwards in reverse or simply do not record distance in reverse) or idled in excess of 10 minute periods. At idle oil pressure is low, oil temperature increases, heat builds in the cylinder head due to low coolant flow and the cam operates at extreme pressures. Hot oil loses surface tension and the sliding motion of the cam against a stationary rocker arm pad or lifter can shear the oil film more easily than a crankshaft journal rotating inside a round hole.

How many miles can be expected is dependent on use, maintenance and operator.
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I only use my sportsman for mostly flat trail riding through spring to fall and don’t exceed 30mph couple times a week and maintain as needed with only Polaris recamended products I do snow plow 2 small driveways when snows half foot or more ....How long would you think it would last me buy doing this also I don’t hit the throttle hard how many miles would you think the engine would be good for ?also I trail ride about a couple hours a week on average
I don't know about the miles, but about 10 years would not be out of the question perhaps even 20 years.

I have an 04 CRF250 race bike - bought it new in 03 - have done the recommended maintenance religiously and am still racing it - 15 years and no major repairs - miles? maybe 5000, but that's 5000 miles at nearly full throttle all the time. Never overheated, but run hot - use 15w50 synthetic year round, I raced for 2 hours every weekend (36 weekends a year) when I first got it, but I'm nearing 70 years old, so I don't race every weekend any more, just when the mood strikes. I'm not as fast as I used to be, but fellow racers have said they have never seen a guy my age ride as hard and fast as I do, but at the same time my stamina has waned. I ride about 45 minutes, take a break and ride till I'm too tired to ride any more. Last race I was in I still got a 3rd place trophy and I sat out 2 laps. The guy who got first was so far behind me if I had just just trail rode the last 4 mile loop, I might have got first and the guy who got second was a lap down from me, but I didn't make the last lap.

I am keeping the bike and not considering buying a new one as it is dependable and rebuild-able. At my age, I don't need anything else - I go to races because someone has to come last and I don't care - I ride for fun and I don't want to ride alone.
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Ok and is it safe for the fan to kick onto cool the radiator and engine off frequently in the hot weather as long as I keep the coolant full ? Also would that make the thermo sensor go bad ?
Absolutely - my CRF does not have a fan - it never goes slow enough even on 100 degree days to need one. The fan simply assures air movement through the radiator. The fan sensor can fail any time or last a lifetime. It is as likely to bad from getting hot as it is from turning on and off.

What are you worried about? Do you worry about getting a flat tire? Maybe you should get a spare wheel and tire for the quad so a flat will not leave you stranded.
Sorry first time I’ve owned a atv trying to find out as much as I can lol thank you for the reply’s
Quit worrying and enjoy - if you have any other questions, be sure to ask - I (we) want you to have a good experience and are glad to share our experiences with you and help you past any problems you might encounter. We might not be able to answer every question or solve every problem, but we'll try.
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