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just picked up this 250 quad TB. a few months back,

it rode fine for a while its not electric start but it takes a key and im not sure what year it is, or even how to find what year it may be.

when i first got it i accidentley mixed the gas and poured it straight in, instead of putting the 2stroke mix in the one side, and the gas in the other
( it mixes itself )

i think this may be the problem, but when i turn the key and pull the cord there is wayy too much tension on the line, like the motor is seized or something?

im thinkin i may have ruined the seals/gaskets around the engine, and thats why its so hard to pull.

there is almost no way to pull it after it goes so far and i dont want to keep pulling so hard on it, and break something.

can anyone help/know or heard of this problem before?

have i ruined the seals inside and just need to replace them or is there something more sinister going on here...

thanks for any assistance

i think this may be part of the problem,

i believe i poured the wrong kind of oil in the mix part of the gas/mix storage.

instead of putting 2stroke mix, i think i put actual engine oil.

could this cause the motor to seize? or is there anyway to fix what i've done
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