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Today I finally completed my project so took it for a first run out for a shake down. This quad was stood for over 10 years so there was bound to be something go wrong.

Everything ran well but there was a noticeable front end wobble at speed. I checked and the front steering rack seems to have a little bit of play in it, my first thought is bushes. They look 'OK' but I did not take them apart. I noticed the bushes have threads and 2 nuts as if they may be adjustable, is this the case or should I go ahead and replace the bushes also?

I have new tyres and the wheels were properly torqued so I am fairly certain it is the steering rack. I have replaced the rear suspension arm bushings.

The hydraulic brakes have had new pads all round, calipers have had new pistons and seals and fluid flushed and bled correctly (thank you for the sticky thread Latebird). Whilst the handle bar hydraulic brake worked great what I did notice is that the rear mechanical brake felt a little weak. I know the rear foot brake works when I have had the rear end jacked up and tested it but on the road it was not to be relied on. What can I do to improve this, or is this normal behavior for a mechanical brake?

This is my first ATV and I am a novice mechanic.

Thank you for reading.

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The rear brake is operated hydraulically with the hand lever and the foot pedal is auxiliary for panic situations
Thank you for the comment. I did manage to mess with it after posting, I adjusted the linkage via the two bolts and it seems to work great. I will take it out tonight to see how it does.

As for the suspension wobble what I called 'bushings' I now understand are actually 'tie rod ends' There is certainly play in these, I can wobble each wheel and the wheel will move slightly but the handle bars and other wheel will not move. I think I have found my problem so will get these ordered and installed.

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I have fitted the tie rods and the wobble has reduced significantly. After taking the quad out for a quick run I noticed a knock on the front end of the suspension, I jacked the quad up and noticed that the pivot ball top spacer had broken on both sides. I gave them a poke with the screwdriver and they both just fell out in bits, so now they have been ordered and that will be the next job.

I have ordered the pivot ball bottom spacers also and will do these at the same time. I have never taken apart suspension components before, does anyone have any tips?

Thanks again guys. I have attached a before and after picture, the quad is running great. I am on the look out for a new headlight cover and headlight, if anyone has one for sale please let me know. Otherwise it will be Ebay.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Work done so far

Brake rebuild
Brake pads
Brake piston seals and pistons
Brake rotors
Brake cylinder reservoir
Recoil starter
New fuel lines, petcock valve and choke cable
General maintenance stuff, air filter, spark plug etc
Tie rod ends

Carb rebuild
Gearbox fixed (thanks latebird!)
Cosmetics done to seat, plastics and wheels by myself. Not great but OK
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