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Polaris winch auto-stop installed

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Just put on the new auto-stop upgrade for my 3500 winch. Why? Well....mostly because I thought it would be useful when plowing to stop the winch before it hits the frame and over-torques it. But, also bought it because I got caught up in a buying/excitement frenzy with my new 570. :)

The one really stupid thing about it is that the stopper (with the magnets) is super loose, like three times wider than the rope. So I'll have to use some electrical tape to position it right where I want it. I will say that the hawse Fairlead is one of the nicer ones I've seen, well polished and very rounded. So many of them are way to right-angled with just a tiny rounded corner.


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The 2500 and the 3500 install the same way. You get a wiring unit in the kit that has 4 leads:
- One connects to the fairlead
- 2 connect to the existing winch thumb controller (routing the winch controller through the unit. one in from the controller, one out to the winch)
- Last one connects to power/and ground - by the terminal block. This was the tricky part for me, cuz you want it plugged into "keyed" power only, not the red/hot terminal block itself since that is always hot. The instructions that came with kit are very vague, but did mention to look for an orange/white wire the would be for "keyed" power. Finally, I saw them - on the 2015 there are two pre-wired open orange/white wires, just waiting to plug something into. Done!
I've been thinking about getting the auto stop for my sportsman but I have a warn vantage 3000 winch. This setup should work with any winch I'm assuming. Looks like basically easy wire connections. There should not be anything different from a warn to a polaris winch. Does anyone know if I am correct.
Just a reminder - synthetic rope required. The metal cable won't do well with the magnets. :shocked1:
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