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Power vision 3 question - 2019 sportsman 850

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Not that this changes anything but I was reviewing my stock tune file vs some djt tunes and noticed my stock file shows engine displacement as 952. Is polaris just lazy and the ecu being shared between models is showing the displacement for different models?
Once my exhaust is delivered I'm reaching out to RVS for tune. For now I've mod the stock tune for better fan engagement, also testing a tune available on dynojet site.
2019 Sportsman 850 ho base
Added: superatv ezsteer, xp1000 fender flares, traxion x3 wheels (5/2 offset), 28 inch wild thangs, pv3 and waiting on rjwc mud single
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The Polaris 850 has an 87mm bore and a 71.5mm stroke in each cylinder and two cylinders for 850.09cc of displacement

The 1000 has a 90.5mm bore and a 74mm stroke for a displacement of 952.03cc

The Kawasaki KZ900 was 903cc, their 1000 was 1015cc - the Honda CBX was considered a 1000cc and displaced 1047cc - Chinese 87cc, 94cc and 101cc engines are sold as 90's by some manufacturers and as 110's by others.
Rjwc exhaust came Monday. Installed it with stage 2 tune from RVS. Hitting the trails to try er out in the morning.
2019 850HO
Ezsteer power steering from super atv
Traxion x3 wheels
28 inch wild thangs
Polaris wide fender flares (1000s style I believe)
Rjwc mud edition slip on
Power vision 3
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