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hello all.
i own polaris predator 2004.
in the last Month i had some probloms whit my atv.
when cold it wont start only whit A lot of gas.
and when run the Engine stutters and dies.
i open the head and findout the intake vulve has Sank.
so it was time to do some servise to the atv.
i order avrything new.
carburator ribild kit
intake valves
exsust valves
timing chain
oil filter
all the gaskets
new battary
new starter.
gas cabel
had avrything change but still the same problome.
engein start only whit gas.
and i i push hard on the gas and let go the engine dies.
its been aweek now.
the carburator had several tuning.
but still the same problom.
can any one tell me what more it culd be?
am i missing somting?

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I'm having a similar issue, not as sever though. Mine will start up when giving it a little throttle then it will idle for a brief period then die out. I did the valve adjustment so that should be good (it did need smaller shims), anything else common with these machines that go bad and prevent from idling?
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