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I'm looking at putting a new driven secondary helix cam in my 95 magnum. I am wanting to get more sensitive back shifting. I have read a lot on the snowmobile forums on tuning the clutches and I'm trying to find all the selections that I can. I know Polaris used some 40's and 44-36 degree helix's.
Does anyone know what the difference is between the factory 95 and helix and the later models say from a 98 scrambler 500 (non EBS.).
I have found several part numbers with a brief description. Does anyone know what the differences are? helix angle maybe? If so what would they be.( I know the 95 magnum # 5630321 is a 40 degree angle, and the 87 cyclone #5130643 is a 44-36*degree)

1. #5130643 RAMP,STA,COMP (MACH)44-36*---- 87 cyclone
1. #5630321 RAMP,STA,COMP (MACH)40* ------- 95,96 magnum, sportsman
2. #5131446 RAMP,STA.MACH,HVY RET ------98 scrambler 500
3. #5131447 RAMP,STA,COMP (MACH) -------97,98 magnum, sportsman

4. #5131674 RAMP,STA.BRAKE,MACH -------98 sportsman 500(I know this is one is EBS.)

I have the primary tuned about where I want it now I'm working on the driven side now. I know I can buy a roller secondary but I'm not one with lots of dough laying around so stock parts is what I'm working with. If any one with clutching knowledge can help I would appreciate it.
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