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Pro glacier plow shear pin

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Been plowing like crazy and need the pro glacier plow shear pin anyone know where I can buy one?..
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but see lots of "shear pin" issues.
My driveway is hard pack and 3/4 mile long. Between the driveway and the parking areas, it takes me about an hour with my plow truck. It went down and I had to use my 550 with a Glacier set up. Twice. No failures. Hit a stump at 5 mph, side angled to the left, no shear. The only time I broke the shear is when I hit another hidden stump at 12 MPH. Threw my ass off the ATV. Only damage, sheared pin.

Not sure what you guys are going to shear the pins, but it takes some doing to shear the pin.

I too thought of replacing it with a 3 point hardened pin, but now I am glad I did not. Got one from the dealer for $14....
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