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Pro glacier plow shear pin

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Been plowing like crazy and need the pro glacier plow shear pin anyone know where I can buy one?..
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I sheared one today on my first serious time using the plow. It did what it was supposed to. The driveway I was plowing has some rocks sticking up and I hit one plenty hard. Better that than something in the frame or me!
Part number for the glacier pro shear pin is 2205063. The pin drops into the adjustable track slot that holds the plow angle in place. A small horizontal pin, with a spring on either side, holds it in place. I picked a couple up on eBay after breaking my first one last week (and flipping it upside down- yes you get two uses out of each). Hope this helps.
Yep, exactly. I didn't know about the double use until I got it home. That's a nice design when you know its there. Kinda silly that they cost $14 but once I properly grade my drive I can't imagine I'll be breaking them often. To help clarify to the person who asked, it is the pin which is pulled up by the blue handle to adjust your plow angle. Also, I love the polaris awd system for plowing!
1 - 2 of 26 Posts