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Hey guys, new here but ive lurked for a long time. Bike is a 2004 Sportsman 600 twin.

I was getting a lot of water in the gear box going through deep water but not so much in the air box. Problem im having is that I snorkeled the clutch running two 1.5" hoses up to the headlight pod. I left the air box alone except for installing a foam air filter and sealed the box. Now, it seems to run fine except when at full throttle and at near top speed it seems like its not getting enough air (or fuel) because it begins to sputter a bit. Didnt have the problem before now.

I plan to put new plugs in, change the oil and filter (need to do anyway), and run some 93 octane to clean out the carb but dont know what else to do. I thought about adjusting the carb but dont know if there is a adjustment knob or where it is.

Any ideas? Thanks
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