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I need Help

Hi I have 3 Problems with my 03 Polaris Predator 500

(1) I had a leak coming from the right bottom hose going to the motor so I replaced the hose and put back a new 50/50 mix (wich I hope will be fine) I put in a quart and then checked it and found that some whent in to the overflow tank.
Is that all that the bike holds is a quart?

(2)Next I put a new battery/spark plug/and cleaned and oiled air fillter and I found (when looking at the battery)to the left of the positive wire there is a black (what looks like a ground) wire and im not sure where it go's or what its for.
Can some one tell me what thats for and where it hooks back up?

(3) I just put a new battery in and it will start right up with no problems the idel was a littel rich so I got it to idel right well now if u let it idel for about 3 to 4 mins it will start to die out or stall and its hard to start back up if I let it set and cool down its fine it will start right up but then about 3 to 4 mins it will stall I dont want to go out and ride it till I get that right.
can or has any one had this problem and what can I do to fix it?
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