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2019 Polaris Sportsman 570 SP
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Hey everyone, I’ve seen a lot of great help on here from what I’ve read. Was wondering if someone has a way around this issue.

Mounted up a wild bore rad relocate kit on my 2019 sportsman SP. now my issue is the fuse box, I was thinking afterwards after connecting all my rad hoses and what not, how the heck do I get at the fuse box now if I have an issue?!?

Any ideas? It there a way to have enough rad hose under the front end that it doesn’t link but will still pull up the front lid?(I tried to do that but the hose would always kink on me and I didn’t want to have that issue)

I don’t mind re doing it in the future (just not today haha). It should work for me for the time being (till I need to get into that fuse box)

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