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was looking to put the new Polaris TRG 800 2009 in the F150 with 6'5 bed...
but I usually use a trailer
but with winter and salt flying everywhere
I want to buy some ramp to protect tyhe ATV from salt

however I realize that I will have to keep the tailgate open...does it get damaged by road grime, salt, sand???

I have seen some ramp in steel, aluminium
from 66 to 90 inches...even 120 inches
some fold in two

what is your experience, which type is more secure and durable...

do you feel comfortable getting into the truck or are you sticking with the trailer?

any feedback will be appreciated
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I have a 6ft tri fold aluminum ramp that I use sometimes and is rated at 1200 or 1500lbs.I use and prefer an open trailer in the winter so you can spray the salt and mud from the bottom of the atv when you get home.They also make atv covers for hauling.
not mine but i used oxlite dual runners and they worked great into my 1 ton very sturdy and light can get 3 diff lengths i think i used the longest with a 700 twin with plow and 300lb rider and had no issues with repeated use.. I would buy if i didnt borrow my friends :banana:
I have a set of alum. folding I got from ramps.com or something like that! And I like them!
i have ramps but dont like them....when i picked my quad up when i bought it ...the ramp fingers bent and the quad fell out...ill stick with a snowmobile trailer...light weight and they have splash gard for em
I finally bought some 90 inches bi-fold aluminium , similar to Oxlite
seem to work well, it bends a litted, but not too spteep
I had my 800 trg in the truck plus a 700 on a trailer
did not notice anything but a smoth drive with my F-150
I use a couple of 2x12's with the aluminum ramp ends on them.. They work. After loading I slide them under the center of the machine or prop them up along side it.. Home Depot sells the ramp ends. I really like the aluminium ramps but they are expensive.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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