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Hey everyone, I blew the piston seal out of my rear brake caliper on my 2013 trail boss. I found one at almost half price, it will be here next friday. I have never installed a piston seal before, do i just slide the old one out and slide the new one in? I am a diesel mechanic, i'm sure i can figure it out, just wanting to get some info before i jump into it.

also on the 2013 trail boss the front brake lever controls front and rear brakes. I plan on removing the line from the front lever to back brakes and cap off the holes, I don't see a reason why it would cause a problem, just wanting to know if anyone has tried this before.

any help appreciated, thanks!

also i run ebc severe duty brake pads, and i go through a set on the rear in about 2 or 3 rides, aren't these supposed to be the best for mud?
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