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Hey guys I'm new to the site after surfing it for a while to help with learning about 2-stroke engines. I recently got a 1996 scrambler 400 2-stroke 4x4 for free that has been sitting outside for about 4 years, so you can imagine how gunked and dirty everything is.

I got it running pretty good after cleaning everything extremely well, just needed some tuning of the card to get it running prefect, so if anyone can help me to adjust the carb, not exactly sure what the 2 screws adjust, so some help with that would be awsome.

And finally, besides getting it running good, what are some or the MAJOR/MAIN things that I should fix/rebuild/replace or at least inspect on an tab of this age and considering is sat outside for so long.

Thank you all for the help, and I must say, for the very short 30 second ride I took on the road, I must say I'm already pretty impressed with the power of the scrambler 馃憤

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Things to check

Firts, be sure to get the correct specs for your ride, then I recommend:
Counterbalance oil fresh and level,
Brake rotor on rear not loose on "teeth", pads,
Oil injection tubes all clean and no holes,cracks, burns,
Lube all grease fittings per spec,
Transmission oil/lube clean and correct,
Drive belt not worn,
Radiator fluid clean/level,, fan coming on after warm.
Check all lines(brake,fluid,electrical) to not be frayed or laying on HOT areas.
That should be a good start point.

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The little brass flat head screw that it's sort of sunk in at the edge of the throat is the mixture screw. That should be set about 1-1 1/2 turns out from lightly seated. The bigger one on the side of the vertical barrel part is the idle adjustment. No set turns for that.
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