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We've touched on some of the design issues with the new 2021 Sportsman 570's. One of the irritating deletions for me is the missing toolbox (access from rear; under seat)--I need that space for heavier tools that I always carry. The cavity is still there, but forward two mounts are missing. We've got a 2020 and a 2021, and at first look, it looks like a prior year's toolbox would sort-of fit. The mounts may be different, but I think something could be rigged up to mount a box into the 2021. It also looks like the rear (top) body plastic has to be removed to get a toolbox in or out.

Has anyone here put the stock toolbox from the prior years' 570 Sportsmans into the 2021? And how did it go?

Also, would there be any reason, other than cost savings, that the toolbox was removed? Ie, a cavity for more heat dissipation?

Below is the 2021 toolbox cavity. The round bar below is where the toolbox "hooks" into place pushing toward the rear. Final image shows the forward two toolbox mounts on the 2020--screwed into welded flanges that don't exist on the 2021. In the place of one of those flanges is a heat shield for the muffler.

Sportsman 570 2021 Toolbox Cavity.jpg

Sportsman 570 2020 Toolbox Mount.jpg
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