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I am in the process of rebuilding an old 250 from an 87 Trail boss with the help of Ritter racing to retrofit into a small tube chassis off road buggy.

I started with the motor and entire wiring harness from the controls down.

My question is about the rev limiter. I was researching the repair manual and I see that I have an LR40 module in my harness. According to the repair manual(if I am reading it correctly), this module will limit the RPM to 4800 RPM and with the newer models ( LR42) it is limited to WOT or unlimited (6k approximately).

The engine that I am building will be pretty much a race engine ( ported cylinder, shaved head, bored Carb, lightened flywheel, forged connecting rod, new bearings Weisco forged piston and a torque pipe) so I would like to use its full potential.

Can I simply pick up a LR42 unit and swap them? Is it that simple?

Thanks as I continue to round up my parts and learn more about this little motor

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