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Last weekend I took my wife & boys for a little rest and relaxation weekend trip to Williams AZ. We arrived on Thursday and left Sunday. What a awesome place to teach the little one to ride. The views & weather was amazing. Here are some pictures of our little adventure.

Base camp.

Nicole & the boys checking out the area while I set up.

Look what we built!

Time to ride!

Sloan on his Polaris 50cc with the San Francisco Peaks in the background. What a amazing view!

New trail!

Posing for a picture back at camp.

Espen taking a break on the trail on his TRX250EX.

My new Sportsman that I am building with the San Francisco Peaks in the background.

Sitting around the fire after a day of fun!

Time to say goodbye to Williams AZ.


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Great pic's. and greater to get out with the family !!.. I'm in Tucson and right now it's way to hot to ride, can't wait for it to cool down a bit, but I may just head up to the Bradshaw Mtns. anyway where it's a tad cooler.
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