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I just bought a 99 500 and started working on it.
I have noticed that on the right wheel, there are 2 sets of wires coming from the strut/hub area.
I know one set is for the 4x4 clutch in the hub, but not sure what the other is for.
It has 3 wires and a connector. I'm thinking its a speed sensor, but the cable just dead heads at the front of the machine near all of the electrical connections.
I can't find any other connectors that matches this.
The wire is long enough to reach the handle bars.
Anyone know what this might be.

Did the previous owner, install a front strut/wheel assembly from another machine that has a speedo?
Does the 99 Scram 500 come with a speedo? This doesn't have one.

Is this something I need to hook up for the 4x4 to work?
I've read some Scrams detect wheel spin to engage the 4x4. Is this the speed sensor to do that.. Is this feature only on newer models.

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