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Rolled my 4 wheeler

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I rolled my Polaris 2004 700 twin sportsman EFI yesterday and it wouldn't turn on, not even the display.

It looks completely fine other than the rear rack is in pieces, rear rack ext is bent, and what I assume is a vent tube running from the gas tank to the display is cut in half.

Does anyone have any ideas on why it won't turn on at all? And I have no way to get it to a dealer right now, nonetheless the closest one is about an hour from me.

It was upside down for probably 2 minutes max while my friends lifted it off of me.
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ooh, howz the ribs? I was riding my brothers H**da Foreman Sunday with the same result. I cracked 4.
Not to ask the too obvious of a question, but did you check the red emergency shut down on the handle bar? After the a$$ kickin' I got Sunday, I did exactly that. You know the phone is ringing but no one answers, so to speak...ha ha ouch, it only hurts when I laugh, cough, move......
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