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Rolled my 4 wheeler

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I rolled my Polaris 2004 700 twin sportsman EFI yesterday and it wouldn't turn on, not even the display.

It looks completely fine other than the rear rack is in pieces, rear rack ext is bent, and what I assume is a vent tube running from the gas tank to the display is cut in half.

Does anyone have any ideas on why it won't turn on at all? And I have no way to get it to a dealer right now, nonetheless the closest one is about an hour from me.

It was upside down for probably 2 minutes max while my friends lifted it off of me.
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Yea, I checked the Killswitch and it was in the off position. Any other ideas on what it might be? I finally got a friend from a dealership about an hour and a half from me to come look at it and he can't seem to figure out the problem either...everything on it looks perfectly intact. I also tried the battery and the tester showed that it was doing fine.

I actually didn't get hurt at all, other than pulling a muscle and a few bruises. It's a huge utility, with racks and bumpers all on it, so when I noticed that it was gonna start rolling, I just tucked down into the seat as much as I could instead of bailing.

Had it not had the racks on it, that got completely obliterated, my leg would've been crushed under it and I probably would've needed to go to the hospital. The guys still think that it was a miracle that I didn't get hurt cause it rolled end over end while spinning.
I did not take any pictures/video of the wreck, tho it would've been amazing to see what it looked like.

I threw away the mangled plastic rack, gave one of my friends the rack ext to bend back in shape as his place, I bent the rack support back in place, but it halfway snapped so now I might as well buy a new one...bent the bumpers back in place, put some more oil in it, checked the air filter, etc.

I had a mechanic friend who works on semis take a look at it, he fixed the problem, said it was something to do with the wire connections in the display- thanks old 99 sport for the idea. I still think there might be a lose wire cause the fuel meter keeps flashing in and out on the display, but I'll check it out later.

I am now happily riding it around again, tho not up the same hill as before and probably won't do a wheelie any time soon lol

Thanks for all the help and ideas. Hope to talk to ya'll later.
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