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Scrambler 500 won’t run and is backfiring through tail pipe after rebuild

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after I split the case to repair a bad counterbalance assembly, new piston, and cylinder the engine idled momentarily and won’t run. I do have oil pressure which was the original problem. When I was installing the stator I noticed there is some adjustment that I assume is for ignition timing. I tried to set it in the same screw marks as before. How do I set ignition timing?
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Just as you did - the allowable 'adjustment' will not change the timing far enough to make a noticeable difference in performance. Backfiring out the exhaust is most commonly caused by a spark plug or another ignition issue.
I have spark at the plug, I pulled it out and watched it spark. I guess a comoression test is in order? New piston, rings, and cylinder I can imagine that is the problem
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