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Hey Polaris Gang,
We are going year-end inventory and cleaning house....good news is we have (3) ATV DENALI plows that are scratch and dent or prototype or clearance plows.

These plows have minor scratches or dents.....often hardly noticeable.

Our plows are available for nearly all Polaris models. They come complete with push tubes and model-specific mount unless noted.

So here's what we have. All prices include shipping.

1. 50" DENALI Prototype complete plow system: Retail of $329.99. Available for $175.

2. 54" DENALI complete plow system. Doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it. Last one available for the season: Retail of $359.99. Available for $240.

3. 54" DENALI complete plow system.....missing wear bar. Can get wear bar from WARN or another company. Retail of $359.99. Available for $120.

If you want one, please PM me your name, phone, email and we can get it set up.

These go VERY fast and I'm posting on a few other boards too. Likely gone by end of day so give me a shout. Thanks! Love being on this board with you.

Peter Kapsner
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