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2005 polaris predator 558 JE bigbore. 12.5:1 compression, I have been running vp110 in it for gas. Head has mild porting, +1mm intake and exhaust valves. Nickle bronze valve guides, new seals. New high lift kibble white springs, titanium retainers, and stock keeps.
Next it has Web Cams 590 intake and exhaust cams. Running on kibble whites valve buckets.
I put in a new timing chain for a longer life span. It is run by a dynatek ignition, and the biggest battery I could fit for cold starts. It will be sold with the modified carb and intake.
Please no youngsters. With the 15/37 it will run 90+ mph.

Asking $1800.00
Shipping will depend on where it has to go.
Dynatek I will go with it.

Alan Murdock
[email protected]


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