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Attached is a URL link to the digital June 2022 issue of our "Happy Trails and Dusty Roads" newsletter for you to read, download, or print at your leisure from your browser. If you wish to print it on your local printer, you will need to download it first. If you just want to view it in your browser, you can enlarge the screen pages to meet your reading requirements.

Due to the number of member shared photos (158) taken on the Sheeps Bridge Crossing Ride, the June 2022 issue is the largest digital issue published so far. I used about 60 of the photos. It took some extra effort this month. Hope you enjoy reading about the two rides. The Sheeps Bridge Crossing ride summary starts on page 14.

June 2022 Happy Trails and Dusty Roads Newsletter.pdf

This month has two ride summary articles with ride videos/photos:

  1. Sheeps Bridge Crossing Ride by Bob Maitzen.
  2. Lake Pleasant Intl Space Station Flyover NIGHT RIDE by Red Cooney.
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