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Snow Plowing 570 or 850 ??

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I had a 2013 Sportsman 550 EPS but sold it to my father-in-law. I then purchased a 2020 Can-Am Outlander XT 650 which, I also recently sold. I just wasn't happy with some of the features. I was pleased with the twin-cylinder power tho... I plan to purchase a new Sportsman before spring and I plan to plow snow with it in the winter. I live in Northern Maine and we get a decent amount of snow. My driveway is about 150ft long.

Should I get the 850, or will the 570 be enough to handle plowing all that snow?
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How many forward's and back's with the plow? How many multiple storms doing that when its 30 degrees or less in a ATV seat? Clutch, that shifter bearing, core purpose of ATV? Quoting Sundaydriver "It's not really about the machines power, it's more about, tires, plow blade size and set angle, machine weight"

I don't think I want to invest those dollars, or depend on a ATV to get out. I think I'd rather spend dollars to equip the truck. If the op has property in Northern Maine buy an old truck with a plow and keep it in the woods uninsured/unregistered.
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