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Snow Plowing 570 or 850 ??

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I had a 2013 Sportsman 550 EPS but sold it to my father-in-law. I then purchased a 2020 Can-Am Outlander XT 650 which, I also recently sold. I just wasn't happy with some of the features. I was pleased with the twin-cylinder power tho... I plan to purchase a new Sportsman before spring and I plan to plow snow with it in the winter. I live in Northern Maine and we get a decent amount of snow. My driveway is about 150ft long.

Should I get the 850, or will the 570 be enough to handle plowing all that snow?
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My 570 plows just fine, granted we don't get much snow here in Indiana but seems like each year we get one above average snow. Only one time have we had enough snow my 570 couldn't get through but my neighbors 30 hp john deer got stuck that same day too. My drive is gravel, 700 foot, and has an S curve in it. Even when we have some 12-14 inch snow falls, (not real often) it pushes through just fine.

Also, I would reach out to MottoAlliance on this website. They have a Denali plow system which is easy to install, works good, and when I bought mine was very affordable. At the time mine was shipped to my house for under 1/2 of what my dealer wanted for the Polaris set up. They used to offer forum discounts and often times have scratch and dents for sale.
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