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I am trying to fix a "no start" issue on a 2004 polaris sportsman EFI.

The bike cranks but dos not start. By testing the spark plugs, I found I have no fire.

I discovered that the stator has higher than spec'ed resistance. Could it be that cause?

The specs I found on the 2005 EFI manual states that stator's legs resistance should be 0.19 +/- 15%. I am at 0.4 for each. See attached picture.


My theory is that the stator is not able to provide enough power to the whole system so the ECU can't trigger the ignition coil (or too low voltage to past its resistance).

As far as no ignition goes, here are the other things I checked:

  • Changed eh spark plugs: no fire
  • ignition coil resistance: within specs.
  • ignition pack (the module where the coils connect): within specs.
  • ETC: was closed, fix it to be open (as it should), no change.
  • Off/Run/Off assembly:
    manually tested the off/run/off switch assembly by switching trigger on/off and it seems to work fine. I don't know how to test with a multimeter.
  • Crankshaft Position Sensor:
    Tested the resistance between 2 poles, within specs.
    I don't know how to test:
    a) the pole that sends the pulse to the ECU
    b) the air gap between the the sensor and the flywheel
  • Voltage regulator: NOT tested. I have 0 ideas on how to test that thing on a machine that does not start. Also, by my understanding, it should not be related to my problem. Right?

Please, keep in mind that I am a newbie on 4 strokes engine and electrical in general so assume you speak to a 5 years old kid. :)

Any input is welcome.
Thank you!

Additional details:

Why am I using the 2005 EFI maintenance manual?
Every time I referred to the 2004 maintenance manual, it gave instructions and nothing matched what I actually have on the bike.
Looked at the 2005 EFI maintenance manual and everything matches. Up to the color of the wires. I have not found anything yet that does not match.

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So based off your other random posts, you have a late model 04 700 Sportsman with out EFI and with DC ignition model number A04CH68AC/AF/AH/AJ/AT/AV ?
Or you have a 2005 700 Sportsman without EFI model number A05MH68AK/AN/AD ?

The bad news is the stator has nothing to do with spark - the first thing you need to do is understand what you are doing. You need to check the stator for leg to ground continuity - if it is infinite and the resistance between the phases is balanced, the stator is fine.

Now to address the ignition system - first find the CDI unit and check for 12v+ on the red/wht wire

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Hi @latebird ,
Thank you for your reply.

I checked the stator from leg -> ground continuity and it is infinite. There is no continuity.

Also, I think you have the wrong idea on the model I own.

According to this site: VIN Search | Polaris Sportsman Canada and my VIN number, my model number is A04CH68AU and the model name is SPTSMAN 700 EFI.

Am I right if I say the image you showed comes from the wiring diagram of the 2004 sportsman 600/700 service manual?
If so, my atv is not built like that at all.
The best source of information I found is the 2005 sportsman 700/800 EFI service manual. On the wiring diagrams the components, the wire colors, ... all match what I have. When I say "all", I mean all those that I have followed until now. :)

I read somewhere (can't find the source anymore) that Polaris introduced the EFI model mid-year in 2004. So in 2004 there are models with Carb and models with EFI.

So mine is a 2004 with EFI. This means that it comes with an ECU. It does not have a CDI box.
My understanding is that the ECU controls the ignition. And looking at the wires and the wiring plan of the 2005 700/800 sportmans service manual, it makes senses.

Here are 3 pictures I currently have that shows some of the components:


Voltage Regulator

Ignition Coil Pack

Thank you!
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