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I posted this in another thread as was advised to start a new thread.

Have a 99 Sportsman 500 EBS machine that has lost top end speed (half to full throttle no response) while driving.
With the machine in neutral the engine revs fine throughout the throttle range. When I lift the rear end off the ground (jack stand) the engine revs normally in gear and neutral and the clutches appear to operate correctly in their respective full range. ( i pulled the clutch cover off and observed the clutches in action). While riding down the road the primary clutch compresses approx half the distance which coorepsonds to the half throttle postion, from half to full throttle nothing changes in engine performance. I would say that putting a load on the machine is the issue put is this more a clutch issue or more of a carb/fuel issue?

Had one reply that stated that it is a clutch issue..rebuild or replace them.

If that is indeed the case that the clutches are the issue is there a specific part that would cause the symptoms that I am experiencing under load (driving) and non load (wheels of the ground)?
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