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I have the 2004.5 newer ignition system.
Can someone good at electrical give me some advice Please-

Ground wires all ok even took off and redid and cleaned.
All brown wires in large connector getting good ground contact.
(2) circuit breakers are ok ( used meter and it beeps when I touch each wire with meter leads - so closed circuit)
Stator readings:
orange to white=.7
yellow to grd=open
blue to green=182
blue to grd=open
orange to grd=open
Question yellow/red I am confused - schematic says I should have yellow/red & yellow brn. I don't, mine are (2) yellow/reds and a single yellow. I think this is for charging and not sure if needed to investigate for no spark.
Remember the main harness from stator was cut so I put back together with 8pin jack.

Here is where I am a little confused.
Coil readings:
I disconnected the black and white wires from CDI
touch blk with one meter lead and white with the other- it beeps -closed circuirt. Same thing if I touch the white wire and black wires on the CDI it beeps. IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE?
Neither the black or the white on the coil give me a reading when I put to ground (open).
High tension (spark plug wires)
Tester in each here are the readings (not sure how to properly read)
set @20K=14.39
I think these are in spec.
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