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Sportsman 850 burnt up its toast

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My boyfriend had a 2020 sportsman 850. He went riding today but before he even got 10 feet, he heard a pop under the engine, saw smoke, lost power and then flames. Anyone have any ideas?
He’s had a power issue before with it losing power then during, and a dealer diagnosed a fuel pump so he replaced it then no problems for months till now. Thanks
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And this is why all of my Sportsman's have fire extinguishers on them. I read too many stories like this and it scared me into getting one for each of them.
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Take the money for the fire extinguishers and put it toward the atv insurance , I'd rather have a new ride than a repaired fire damaged atv 😀
Another reason I carry fire extinguishers is for others around me in case a fire occurs with their equipment. I can save my stuff or someone else's. The same applies with the gun I always carry - I can save my ass or yours.
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Yes indeed do it today if possible I’m Brad that was my beautiful ATV in flames what a heart breaker. I figured it would out live me so much for that thought.
I don't think a lot of us think of needing a fire extinguisher with a 4-wheeler. I never thought about it until reading enough horror stories on this forum that it scared me straight and I now have them. Another good reason to have one is for the woods, fields, or forests we ride in. I don't want to be the guy who's wheeler caught on fire and also burned up 5,000 acres of a forest and homes, etc.

Its just good insurance to carry one in my opinion.
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I just thank God it didn’t happen in the middle of summer or I would have had a Huge forest fire on my hands the flames you see does it no justice they were at least 20 to 30 feet high at one point
We just posted at the same time about the same reason why a fire extinguisher is a good call !!
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