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Sportsman 850 burnt up its toast

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My boyfriend had a 2020 sportsman 850. He went riding today but before he even got 10 feet, he heard a pop under the engine, saw smoke, lost power and then flames. Anyone have any ideas?
He’s had a power issue before with it losing power then during, and a dealer diagnosed a fuel pump so he replaced it then no problems for months till now. Thanks
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And this is why all of my Sportsman's have fire extinguishers on them. I read too many stories like this and it scared me into getting one for each of them.
I curious what fire extinguishers you bought.
I have never carried a fire extinguisher in an ATV. . I think that will be my new years resolution. I will get several and put one in each car and ATV. Wife's car has one but really old and probably needs replaced.

I found this today.

I might buy two: one to test, one to install.
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