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My 2015 Hawkeye was running perfectly all summer but I had a battery that was going bad.
When I was out on the trails after 2 days My Cluster randomly started reading Lo 10.4. At this same time my Quad started having a strange whine when it is idling but not when you hold the throttle.
I can still drive it around(Performs as usual) but it doesn't sound good so I have been garaging it since. I charged the battery and the whine continued, I replaced the battery with a fully charged new one and the whine/Irregular idol continues.
Has anyone had this issue or have an idea what could be wrong?
Wanted to ask the question here before I decide to take it in to get diagnosed/fixed.

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Can you pinpoint what area the whine is coming from?

Usually when it comes to clusters reading like that, you would go through the simple troubleshooting.
  • Battery - Can count this one out, assuming you charged the new one right.
  • Stator - Faulty or bad connection.
  • VR (Voltage Regulator) - Faulty or bad connection.
You said it performs as usual but doesn't sound good. Is this just the whining? or is there other sounds?

Not really sure if the whining and the low battery reading is related, but look at what you can for moving parts. Belt, water pump etc etc.
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