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Starter clicking

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Hi, I buyed my 850xp eps 2011 on friday. My atv is always sleeping outdoor. This afternoon I've tried to start my atv and I just heard a clicking sound when I turn the key. So I removed the front rack, I've checked the battery poles, it was a little loose, I've tighten the 2 bolts and shake the wire. After that, I've tried an other time, I heard a clic and it start. So what do you thing it could be...bad starter, bas selenoid?? thank!
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2010 850 exp,eps starter issue

I have had this machine since April 2010. warranty up in Oct. 2010.
Had a starter issue begin Feb. 2011. Thought the way it was acting, frozen water or moisture in starter. it was zero outside that day. took to garage warmed up starter with wifes hairdryer. LOL wrapped with a plastic hammer and away it went. got home that night, wouldn't start again.
took starter off and left on boiler for 2 days, thinking it would dry it out, replaced on machine started up 3 times, then nothing. took to Polaris dealer to confirm for me starter was bad. yes it was bad. Polaris has superseded the part number to a different starter. new # 4012855-479.
This is short of Polaris admiting they have starter issues. I sent Polaris inc. a message and got the genic reply back , go see a dealer.
While I was able to find an original OEM part for 110. 00 chepaer, i'll recommend you put the superceded part on 1st. looks to be better sealed.
The dealer knew I was po'd and made me a deal on replacement and instalation.
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I already changed out starter with the new superceded one. But still have the old one. was planning on disassembling and see whats up with it. I will relube as you suggest, if it turns out to be ok. Thank You for advice.
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