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Starter clicking

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Hi, I buyed my 850xp eps 2011 on friday. My atv is always sleeping outdoor. This afternoon I've tried to start my atv and I just heard a clicking sound when I turn the key. So I removed the front rack, I've checked the battery poles, it was a little loose, I've tighten the 2 bolts and shake the wire. After that, I've tried an other time, I heard a clic and it start. So what do you thing it could be...bad starter, bas selenoid?? thank!
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850xp starter

WOW, someone else with starter issues. I have installed 4-starters on my 2009 850xp. first starter went bad after only 200 miles and left me stranded 12 miles from my truck.

Polaris repaired the issue under warranty. the second starter went out after a year and of course after the warranty had expired.

I purchased the third started for 259.00. This starter lasted about 4-months and it to died. The vendor covered this starter and replaced it.

Now 6-months later the fourth starter has again died. I am at a lose trying to figure why all the starter problems.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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