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Starter clicking

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Hi, I buyed my 850xp eps 2011 on friday. My atv is always sleeping outdoor. This afternoon I've tried to start my atv and I just heard a clicking sound when I turn the key. So I removed the front rack, I've checked the battery poles, it was a little loose, I've tighten the 2 bolts and shake the wire. After that, I've tried an other time, I heard a clic and it start. So what do you thing it could be...bad starter, bas selenoid?? thank!
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My budds 2011 850 xp just did the same thing for the 3rd time. Been to the dealer twice now and already had a new battery installed once. This Time (today) is was costly cuz we were 5 hours north riding, hotel, gas, and had to return. Dropped it off at the door of the dealer even with it being closed. :irked:It also lost power, almost sounds like something in the motor went. Seems like the XP doesn't like the cold weather?
The brother of my friend got that problem too. A week before I buy my 850, he told me to not buy this atv...It seem that problem is common, Maybe it will have a recall for bad starter?! Maybe the problem is the starter itself, or maybe the tranny fluid is too thick when its really cold...or bad relay??! who knows..
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