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Starter clicking

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Hi, I buyed my 850xp eps 2011 on friday. My atv is always sleeping outdoor. This afternoon I've tried to start my atv and I just heard a clicking sound when I turn the key. So I removed the front rack, I've checked the battery poles, it was a little loose, I've tighten the 2 bolts and shake the wire. After that, I've tried an other time, I heard a clic and it start. So what do you thing it could be...bad starter, bas selenoid?? thank!
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Man, I just had this question ready to type up myself when I saw this post. But mine is not on a XP it's on a '01 Sportsman 500 HO. I worked just fine yesterday, then today, click click click. Never had anything act as if it were going out either. I checked the battery, threw it on the charger for about 30 minutes to be sure it wasn't that. It starts fine with the pull rope, but nothing with the electric. I really can not afford $400 for a new starter on this machine right now. I guess I either deal with pull starting (which can be a pain in the @$$ at best of times) or empty out the gas and put the quad away for a very long time. Any other suggestions I could try?
I just installed a new solenoid, starter and bendix on my 03 Sportsman 500HO and the cost for all three delivered to my door was around $85 from DB Electrical. Check them out.
I'm all over them like flies on stink! Thank you very much!!
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