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Hey guys, I have a 06 predator, I wrecked really hard in Nov. 2009. I wrecked pretty hard rolling the quad. Slightly injured, I roll the quad back over and tried to start it. It turned but wouldn't fire. Took it to a shop here in Vegas, in Dec of 09, they put a new starter on and said it wouldn't idle. They suggested a carb clean which I thought was some BS, because it ran fine weeks prior. I had the quad delivered back to me I tried to start it but it turned over very slow. I figured battery is low/old I put on charger still nothing. I never had it restart then. I got busy and had been in/out of town a ton over the last few years and the bike chilled in the garage. Fast forward to now, trying to get it going, drained fluids, put all new fluids in, put a new starter, new battery and I'm still at a spot where I was 3 years ago. Cranks very slow and labored sounding, only cranks a few times then dies off. I'm starting to guess maybe some valves are stiff and need adjusting, or maybe a bad wire in the ignition system or maybe the spark plug wire is bad, IDK at this point any suggestions will help. Tell me what you think.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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