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Still won't start, lessons learned.

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Ok last week I posted that I couldn't get my 2015 Sportsman 570 to start. I'm still having issues. To recap I installed a winch drained the old low on liquid original battery to the point of no return but before I bought a new battery I jumped the bike from my TRUCK THAT WAS RUNNING!! It cranked over and ran while the cables where attached but died when I removed one. I didn't know at the time you shouldn't jump your bike from a running truck. Talked to the Polaris Tech he agreed with everyone on here that a new battery should fix the problem. Got a new battery, installed it and go to turn the key and I get a noise and vibration from a relay (top right, EFI position) in the fuse box and my starter solenoid starts making bad solenoid noises. I've checked all my fuses (good), replaced the starter solenoid, and replaced the chattering relay in the fuse box (Chassis Relay). Also checked the 10A breaker for continuity, its good. Rewired the winch to the distributing terminals. So I turn the key over and get the chattering relay again. I reinstall the instrument panel, since I took it off with the front plastic to get to the parts and the new relay stops chattering and I get a LO 10.6 message on the instrument panel. I just got this brand new battery and have even left it on the 2A charger for a night just to make sure. Ill charge the battery tonight and test the bike again tomorrow. I don't know what could be draining my battery now or if I can even start it. I made some videos so y'all can see what I'm talking about, links below. Any help is appreciated

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
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Had the same problem. I think your problem started by using the winch, when you use a winch voltage drops and current goes up, this damaged your electronics some how. There is nothing wrong with jumping a bike off with a truck. My issues started after the first time i used my winch. I did everything you did above. Not for sure what fixed my issue, but i stopped doing it, i tore my bike apart checking everything. I pulled the starter contactor off of my rzr and still didnt fix the issue. Your starter is not pulling in, you will have to use a electrical diagram and check back to the starter relay to see if power is getting to and across the relay. Did you have voltage across the circuit breaker you found?
I have read several other threads on here with guys with the same issue. Seems like it starts after using the winch.
The stock battery is cheap and small, to me it can't handle a winch. Using a winch with these cheap batteries is starting the issue. Winch drops the voltage too low and is causing high current on the system and some component somewhere is going bad.
I installed a second battery under my seat in the storage box, winch works fine now.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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