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Stock or aftermarket exhaust?

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I have an 05 sportsman 500. The silencer is shot. I am looking for something that is not loud. What would you guys recommend. I ordered a stock from a website that I will not mention and may cancel as they do not stock, but order from warehouse then ship it. That was last weekend and still not shipped. It says no refunds, but Amex will have something to say about that.
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All the folks on here, someone must know the way to go.
If you are just going for the noise than go aftermarket. From my experience the aftermarket does not give you any benefit. They are a little loud for me. That is why I modified my HSP exhaust. That and the stock 01 silencer busted along the bottom so it was loader than the HSP....lol

If you wanna be seen not heard then go OEM .. If you're looking for performance, slip on ain't gonna do it.. And most are freaking loud!! ( I mean to loud for me.. lol)
kimpex makes a nice stock replacement called EX Sound.
Thanks folks. The one I ordered shipped yesterday. It just blew me away that shipping in this day and age can take so long. I will try the stock and see how I like it. My SI law has an after market on a Yamaha and it is way too loud for where I will be riding. Its funny how I want my Harley loud and this quite. I want to be heard and seen on the road but not in the woods.
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