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Guys, I dropped the ball on the June contest. Lets just move forward and get the July contest going. Thanks

Get Ready! The July 2022 Polaris ATV of the month contest is starting RIGHT NOW! This month we are looking for the best photo that features your Polaris ATV. So get out there, get creative, enjoy some safe riding and take some photos! We welcome everyone including vendors to participate. The winner of the contest is decided by you the community, so stick around for the voting process.
  • The photo must be posted in this thread.
  • Only one picture will be allowed, so make it your best!
  • You must be the owner of the Polaris ATV.
  • Please include a description of your ATV with a list of all modifications and enhancements.
  • You can only win once every 12 months
Voting will begin around July 15th and run to the end of the month. Once the voting ends we will publish the winning photos on the front page and the winners will also receive:
  • $25 Amazon, Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop Gift Card. Your choice!
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I'll start.

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Well 1 picture can't show what this machine has to offer.
This is my 2018 Sportsman xp 1000
Named ( Holly Terror)
I well over $ 20K not counting about $10k in buying the equipment of turning lathe and welding equipment.

This thing is nothing but modifications to make the world best hill climbing ATV.
Start with the biggest thing is that I have cut it into and added frame to make the Wheelbase 63 1/2" .
Most of the other Modifying was also to add to the hill climbing ability or performs and durability.
Relocate battery to bottom of frame.
Cecco Racing Front Gear Case Cover.
Hunterworks Rolls in Secondary.
EPI Pink Sring in Secondary
NGK Spark Plugs.
R2C Airfilter.
Gates Carbon C12 Belt.
Machined out A arms and put in ball bearings
196 Ball Bearings in the Suspension.
Steering Bushing replaced with Yamaha Grizzly Bushing.
Custom frame braces front and rear.
1/4 Steel Skid Plates.
Added Magnets to the fill plugs.
No Sway Bar.
Fluidyne Racing Radiator
Fan Upgrade 1900 CFM.
Fan on a Switch.
3000 lb. Super Winch.
HD Hand Guards.
Polaris OEM LED light upgrade with HALOS.
HD Tie Rods.
Tires 27x11x14 XTR on all 4 with 4 OEM rear rims.
Highlifer Rear Rake A Arms.
Race Driven Severe Duty Bakes.
Kryptonite Wheel Bearings.
Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge .
Autometer AFR Gauge.
RJWC Exhaust with Custom Tuner.
Quantum Fuel Pump.
RMSTATOR 65 amp.
All U Joints Upgrade Spicer
Front Gear Case Upgrade with new 2022 and Aluminum Roller Cage.

Lot of other modifying stuff that just to much.

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Honda, being pulled by an unseen CanAM and followed by me on my 850.
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