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Suggestions on a great place to live with warm weather & ATVing

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My wife and I once made a deal with each other that when our oldest is out of high school we were going to move to a warmer climate. We have 2 younger boys that are 5 yrs and 3 mo so we want to make the move by summer 2011.

Well the time has come. Our son just started his senior year and we have started looking. We want to find a area where the home values are not has crazy as here in Northern IL. Where people are friendly and ATV many nice ATV areas as close as possible since I am used too the thousands of miles of trails that WI and MI offer. We do not mind heat. We would rather have it hot and enjoy the cooler nights vs 24 hours of winter.

As for work I plan on expanding TheATVSuperStore to a brick and mortar store as well as used ATV sales. My wife is a nurse.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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sounds like maybe my hometown might fit the bill.

Eastern Washington. More specific, im from Tri-Cities, Washington. Very little rain, usually snowless winters (maybe 1 in 4 years it will snow) but its cold during the winter. But March is warm, April is even warmer, and June, July, and August are HOT! before it starts to cool back down, but it really doesnt get cold again until the end of october or so.

Just right outside of town 8-9 miles is a fair sized piece of land that has sand dunes in the back and various trail riding. Moses Lake, which is about 60 miles or so has a nice sand dune area to ride. Then you have the blue mountains which have a lot of trail riding in the woods, those are about 2 hours away. The cascade mountains have moutain trails too, thats also probably a 2 to 2.5 hour drive.

And then you have the oregon cost which is very well known for its huge sand dunes. Also just a couple hours away but a very resonable day drive.

The economy is pretty strong in the Tri-Cities, and houses seem affordable since i never see any sitting on the market for a long time, they usually will sell. There are also a lot of new construction houses going up, which tells me there is a demand for sellers and homes. Im in college though, so i have never been a homeowner yet.

....and there are only 2 atv shops at the moment for a town of 150,000+ people.....
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Sounds nice. I would love to live in a area with Mountains but the wife wants very little to no cold weather.
Sounds like your looking in Fl, Ca, Ga, Tx, La and Al.

Fl has alot of atv parks and some state parks. But it's flat for the most part. Ga would be nice caus e they got some mountains and if you stay south Ga it's stay above freezing for the most part.

If you just plain dont want cold then central to south Fl, S. Tx., S. Ca.
warmer climate

Look into Arizona. Mountains, warm weather, big game, fishing, lots of state and federal land, trails, relatively small population size, and also snow in the high country...for winter sports, if you so please.

AZ is a bit too warm for me...I'd consider the front range of CO...I lived there for a few years. Yes, they get snow and some cold weather, but it is a different kind of cold than what your used to here in the Midwest. Low humidity makes it feel much warmer than it is if you can get out of the wind. I used to walk around all winter with a light-weight jacket just to break the wind, and I was fine.
southern utah is amazing, mountains in the north, moab and deserts, and sand dunes, lakes nearby, warm weather in the south part of utah all times, and can do winter sports in the north, and there is lots of potential for atv shops in utah because there happens to be alot of riding happening in utah!
FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where i live a 4bd 2bth house 2000sq ft is 60k yes i said 60k!!!! and u ride outta ur garage and into miles of sand!!!!!! no trailor needed I LOVE THIS PLACE !!!! hahah im never leaving FL go GATORS!!! CHOMP CHOMP.....

(poinciana, FL - polk county)
East of the Mississippi is very humid in the summer if you like to sweat alot. I prefer high elevation desert (4000 ft+). Hot and dry during the day, cool and dry at night. (AZ, UT, and NM)
East of the Mississippi is very humid in the summer if you like to sweat alot. I prefer high elevation desert (4000 ft+). Hot and dry during the day, cool and dry at night. (AZ, UT, and NM)
East of the Miss? Heck west of the Miss is just as bad! I was raised in Houston and its like 90% all the dang time Lets just say any where on the Gulf Coast its humid. LOL But very mild winters. NO SNOW and may see 1 or 2 days a year below 32, but that is a very big may.
Yes, i agree any of the Texas heat is hot. Some is more managable as you head north. There are alot of places to ride and some are very well known around the area like Gator Run Offroad Park - Easton, Texas - ATV - ORV - 4 Weeler Trails - Camping - Events that have special events throughout the year. Land is also not over priced in case you wanted to own your own. Most of the ATV stores/shops here are also car dealerships or tractor supply shops.
Soooo ! Canada is out of the question. LOL ! It's not really as cold up here as some would think but yes we do get the odd really cold spell.
I live in a great area for riding and near second largest man made lake. Southern Utah, Arizona has lots of places to ride. Climate is warm/hot summer but humidity is low. Winters are much milder than where your at.
Page Az. January-averages High 44 low 24 degrees. Summer averages- High July 97 low 68. We get on average about 5" of snow but mountains all around if you want more winter where 10 feet can be on the ground were it varies by elevation.


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Go South to hot and humid for me, I like the coast, but you do have rain and fog. But the HOT is not a problem may days, Sequim WA. 17 inches of rain lows in the teens at times. It all depends on how you handle the hot or/and humid question. My wife and I are also nurses and can work anywhere in the world and chose Port Angeles WA. but we are pussies when it comes to heat!:yikes:
Too hot and humid down here but we do offer free oil from the Gulf of Mexico!
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Looks like you could cut the humidity with a knife. When I was young we moved all over the gulf area my dad was in the gas/oil construction business. My favorite area was La. Cameron Holly beach area, we had some good friends that lived there.
Cajuns are great people, big families and all we had to do is go to a ditch, throw a cast net and nothing but crawdads. Nothing like crawdad gumbo. Wish I lived back there now kind of. Very cool area but the hurricanes, humidity and heat are another problem.
Archer where are those pictures from? WOW TALK ABOUT BEAUTIFUL!
southern nevada is the place to be

your wife say's hot<warm>our weather here is the best?if you like it warm<hot>all year round!!!!!!!!july to august is a blast furnace thou,nellis dunes is the close's to ride.very rough and whoop's beyond!and a little sand,then come's cold creek in the mtn's<yes there is a creek there<very nice place to ride!then come's three place's with in 100 miles,1 is big dune in armagosa valley<5 miles of dunes>then comes dumont dunes,last but least is razor ohv which is a awesome place,the last but Best place around is a place called logandale trails and only 40-50 miles away and i couldn't ask for a better place to ride.and southern utah is a hop skip and jump away
Archer where are those pictures from? WOW TALK ABOUT BEAUTIFUL!
My back yard Lake Powell. Look at those little specks in the water they are boats. Pics were taken from a point I ride out too.
The beautiful thing about this area is the scenery and people are quite friendly also. Page AZ. is one of the best kept secrets in this country. It's just beautiful here.
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