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I have a 99' Scrambler 400 4x4 with a cooked motor, that everything else is good.

I also have a 2001 Trailblazer 250 2x4, that needs alot of work, but the motor was rebuilt last year.

The plan is to swap the 250 motor onto the scrambler frame, removing radiator and what not, since the 250 is air cooled.

Now I understand that scrambler was made for use with the larger motor, but I am running this bike on our 10 acre lot for the kids and wife to play with. 4x4 would only be used if stuck.

Both bikes are complete so, whatever needs swapped out would not be an issue.

Wife and kids did not like the 400 due to it being a load aggressive bike.

Is this a good idea? What issues could I be overlooking in the process.

Any help is appreciated

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That should work out ok.
They had the 250 in the frames long before they had the 400.
You'll need the 250's inner clutch cover as the 400 is different.
Before you go tearing anything apart , I'd measure the crank to trans. shaft distance(on both) ,center to center. Just so you'll know which belt to use.
Depending on how it's driveabilty is, you may need to do some clutch swappin', due to the extra weight.
Swap exhaust too, it should come off in one piece.
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