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Been to Tall Pines many times. I have recorded vids on my y-tube channel riding my other ATV's. Typically either a Renegade 1000 or a 700XX for the old timers:
Dragula - YouTube

But this weekend two things were a little different, one I was on my brand new quad, and two, I had nobody with me to ride with. Went anyway......Didn't have to worry about going too slow or two fast, or which trails I hit. From green diamonds to black.

So it was so muddy as heck from all the rain and snow, but it was a nice sunny, 50 degree day, recording was not really possible with a ride like this one. Does this thing even have fenders?.....Damn, I wore everything I went thru. But I was expecting that and was dressed for it.

Now I have run these trails at speed on two other aforementioned quads, and I have to say, this thing is awesome. It is a go anywhere, do anything quad. Its just super capable at anything you want to do with it. The ride was outstanding on it. After many seasons of tinkering with the suspension on the Reny for fast trail rides, this thing flat out runs awesome on the rough, the flat stuff, and the jumps, and the bogs.....Yes, I jumped a brand new quad...more than a couple times...

If you want the most capable quad out there, this is it. This thing goes thru rutted out muddy trails like they are smooth fire roads, and it clears everything....Just incredible at speeds of 20-32mph thru stuff most quads get stuck in. I put 30miles on it it in a few hours. Would have road longer if I wasn't driving to and from at 2hrs each way by myself....

First trail I hit, the bag I had strapped to the rack flew off....The big zip ties were still attached to the rack, but the bag straps had ripped right off...Luckily, I had a bungee and jammed it back on. The rest of the day was uneventful and a blast. Some of the hills I climbed were just wicked, some of the rutted trails have stopped my Reny from getting thru...This thing flies thru them effortlessly.

Nobody wanted to be in front of me either I noticed....Just an incredible machine. What would I change, very little. I miss all my zerk fittings to grease between rides. And for us older folks, maybe some add on fenders. Other than that, i ordered my oil change kit and I will be hitting the trails again soon......
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