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Hey everyone, I'm new here.

I'm borrowing a 2007 Polaris Sportsman 500 x2. Once in a while the engine will die and the machine shuts off. It sometimes, but not always, shows "HOT" on the screen when this happens. I pulled the codes and there are two, 41 and 22. According to some other internet searches, those are..

41 - Air Temp Sensor: Short Circuit to Ground
22 - TPS Circuit: Open or Short to Ground

When I search Amazon for the part, I see that lots of people buy the AIT Sensor and the TPS at the same time. Maybe I'm not alone, but I don't see any forums where people talk about both. Since I'm looking at a heat issue, I decided to lookup the temperature sensor in the service manual and here's how it says to test it...

With the test leads connected and the meter set to the ohms scale, observe the reading at room temperature (20°C, 68°F).

The reading should be:
IAT Resistance
* 2.45±0.24Ω (New)
* 2.45±0.36Ω (Used)
I pulled the IAT sensor, set my multimeter to 2k Ohms, and touched the two terminals in the IAT sensor. It reads ~1.50 and then drops slowly.

Would you agree that this indicates that the sensor is bad?



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I'd inspect the he wiring to those 2 components first. Sounds more like rubbed through or broken wires.
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